Monday, March 28, 2011

Juifs Pour Jesus

Today in our prayer time for France we are praying for the nation of France and the way many minority groups have been badly treated throughout the ages.  This sin has caused bondage for the people of France.  Pray that God will move in their hearts and they will hear His plan for us to our neighbor as yourself. The Jewish people of France have a long history in France, but many times they have not been treated as Frenchmen, but as a blight on society.   Many Jews have made France their home.  Pray that as the gospel message is shared and lived in France they will be drawn to know Christ as their Messiah.  Jews for Jesus is an ministry working in France spreading the gospel among the Jews.  Pray that God will open doors in the hearts of all.

Dear Father, please forgive us for the way we have treated one another.  I pray that we will learn to love one another and to learn to treat each other with respect.  Lord, you have created each one of us and you have a purpose and a plan for each person you have created.  I hope that when we interact with one another we will consider how you desire for your precious creation be treated.  I know that you have died for each person and you choose to love us, so how can I hate what you love?  Thank you for each person that you have created use the Church in France to share the gospel to each person no mater the race or creed.  Father we pray for Jews for Jesus as they work among the Jews in France, use them to spread your word and love.  Open hearts and doors so that they have many opportunities to live and speak the gospel message. 
We pray all these things in the name of Jesus the lover of our souls.

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