Tour de France

Praying Through the Tour 
Follow the Tour here once more!

June 30-  Liège-
Avec La Pastorale Liégeoise
RDV Rue Roi Albert 12 Ougree 4102 le samedi à 9h
Soirées avec Gospel Vision et le camion podium

avec l'Assemblée Evangélique, Rue Lucien Defays, 12 Verviers

July 1-  Liège-> Seraing

Avec La Pastorale Liégeoise
RDV Rue Roi Albert 12 Ougree 4102 le dimanche à 8h30
Soirées avec Gospel Vision et le camion podium

avec l'Assemblée Evangélique, Rue Lucien Defays, 12 Verviers RDV ce dimanche matin à 8h30 devant l’église.

July 2-  Visé->Tournai

Avec le Centre de Vie Chrétienne Rue du Nord, 89 Tournai

Avec l’Eglise Protestante Baptiste Chaussée de Bruxelles, 192 Tournai RDV ici lundi à 11H et soirée à l’église

Mel det Christian Center Emmanuel Parochiaal centrum. St Pieters- St. Catharinastraat 8900 Ieper

July 3-  Orchies-> Boulogne-sur-Mer

Avec l’Eglise Evangélique de la Côte d’Opale 63 RUE CAZIN
62200 BOULOGNE SUR MER RDV ici mardi à 10h

July 4-  Abbeville-> Rouen

avec le Centre Evangélique 47 rue Jean-Louis Leclerc à Fécamp

RDV à préciser avec laurieconnaitredieu.

* avec l’Eglise Evangélique du Jardin de Plantes 60 rue de Cauville

76100 ROUEN RDV mercredi à 12h30 ici et soirée à 20h

July 5- Rouen >Saint-Quentin

Avec l’Eglise Evangélique de St Quentin 2–4 rue Laurent de Lyonne

Avec le Centre Biblique 51 rue Georges Pompidou

Avec l’Eglise Evangélique du Vermandois 15 rue des Corbeaux

RDV ici le Jeudi à 12h30 et soirée

July 6-  Epernay ->Metz

* Avec l’Eglise Méthodiste, 2 rue Charles Abel, 57000 METZ

RDV ici à partir de 12h

Avec l’Eglise Evangélique de Woippy

July 7-  Tomblaine- > La Planche des Belles Filles

Avec l’église Un Chant Nouveau 72bis Rue Charles Keller NANCY

RDV ce samedi à 8h45 sur le parking d’Auchan Lobau

July 8- Belfort-  > Porrentruy

Avec la Fraternité Chrétienne Faubourg de France, 32

RDV dimanche à 10h

July 9- Arc-et-Senans- > Besançon

July 11- Mâcon -> Bellegarde-sur-Valserine

July 12- Albertville- > La Toussuire

July13- St-Jean de Maurienne-> Annonay Davézieux

July 14- St-Paul Trois Châteaux- > Le Cap d'Agde

July 15- Limoux-- > Foix

Avec l’Assemblée de Dieu 24 rue Victor Hugo 09300 LAVELANET

July 16- Samatan - > Pau

July 18- Pau- > Bagnères de Luchon

July 19- Bagnères de Luchon-> Peyraguides

July 20- Blagnac-> Brive-la-Gaillarde

July 21- Bonneval- > Chartres

Avec l’Eglise Protestante Evangélique la Bonne Nouvelle 1 rue de Rechèvre

Avec l’Eglise Evangélique 89 rue de la République Chartres

July 22- Rambouillet->Paris Champs-Elysées

During the month of July here @ Praying for France we will be following the tour.  Each day we will pray for the countries, cities, and villages the riders will be going through.  We will pray for teams and individuals.

 I have found this to be a great way to learn about France, and pray for the people who live there.

Thank you for those who Prayed Through the Tour  in 2010.  We hope to pray with you again this year.
Que Dieu vous bénisse!

We are looking forward to the Tour in 2011.  As we wait let us pray and see if God will send us to to France to be a part of  a winning team who will share the Gospel message to the stage cities in the Tour.  You can be part of the Tour.   As the year unfolds we will post more information about how to go. 

Where are we going in 2011?

We will begin the tour in the city of Vendée at the Passage du Gois. Linking the continent to the island of Noirmoutier and measuring 4.5 km in length, the Passage du Gois is a submersible road covered twice daily at high tide, but which remains fully accessible at low tide.  As the stage cities are added we will let you know more information.  Please continue to pray for the nation of France.

Stages of 2011
Passage du Gois, Mont des Alouettes, Les Essarts,  Olonne-sur-Mer, Redon, Lorient, Mûr-de-Bretagne, Carhaix, Cap Fréhel, Dinan, Lisieux, Le Mans, Châteauroux, Aigurande, Super-Besse Sancy, Issoire, Saint-Flour, Le Lioran Cantal, Aurillac, Carmaux, Blaye-les-Mines, Lavaur, Cugnaux, Luz-Ardiden, Pau, Lourdes, Saint-Gaudens, Plateau de Beille, Limoux, Montpellier, Département de la Drôme, Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, Gap, Pinerolo, Galibier Serre-Chevalier, Modane – Valfréjus, Alpe-d’Huez, Grenoble, Créteil, Paris Champs-Élysées,

You can go too!
Be Feet on the Ground Sharing the Gospel of Christ

Teams from 2011
Team 1
June 29 -July 8 2011
They will cover the Grand Departure through Stage 7

Team 2
July 9- July 16
They will cover Stage 8 - 14

Team 3
July 17 - 24
They will cover Stage 15- Paris


  1. La tour is one of the most watched sporting events in the cycling world. It captures the sport of cycling as it traverses the Beautiful but baren country. Lets turn this event into Frances redemption

  2. La tour is a world spectical that show a land of beauty and a land that recognises the Devil more than the Living God
    Lets redeem this event and Country by Prayer

  3. Some hundreds of Christians are expected at Rotterdam for the Grand Depart
    Make this tour a time for renewal and a time of prayer. If you cant join them Pray!

  4. La tour de france is like life.
    The days vary but the Goal continues to be trere Is one day at a time riding to achieve the goal for the Day. But mindful that there are many days ahead so we need to focus on winning the race not exhausting onese

  5. Parallèlement à cette prestigieuse manifestation sportive, se déroulement un autre événement tout aussi important si pas plus: le TOUR DE FRANCE DE LA BIBLE 2012.
    L’objectif étant de profiter de l’occasion en participant à la fête, de partager les valeurs de foi chrétienne et d’offrir à ceux et celles qui le souhaitent la possibilité d’acquérir une bible

  6. Finally we are in the Mountains. The nerves of the first weeeks on the flat stages where crashes were many. Stage 6 was the most telling of these. 25 Kilometres to go. and Frank Schleck's face as he pulled himself upright from a Ditch were he landed, said it all.

  7. Stage 7 the Mountains. produced a different challange. Those riding wounded from the many falls now find themselves hard pressed as they sustain the momentum to drag themselves over the two cat 3 climbs followed by The Cat 1 finish. Frank Scheck's finish well but moved down in the overal standings. Team Sky Christopher Froome was a supprise pulling away from Bradley Wiggins and Cadel Evans at the finish.
    Denis Menchov continues to be just where the action is. Prehaps a real challenger for the Yellow Jersey in time.
    The other Winners were those People who enjoyed the beautiful day to walk or ride up to the top of the three Cat summits. They saw the spectical unfold and basked in the Beauty that God created.

  8. Thank you for summary of Stage 7. Beautifully put.

  9. Stage 8 Its amazing what a car load of encouragers can do. I was amazed at the shear determination that drove the winner to victory.It was had to determine who actually won the race Was it the team car crew or Thibaut PINOT the Rider!
    It was also interesting at the way news is reported the Wiggins interview, just shows how Journaiism has changed.
    Samuel Sanchez crash sees another yellow jersey contender out!

    Cadel moves in this stage to show he can put in the effort to win. Denis 4th overall. Bradley Wiggins moves to prove the form he shown pre race has not altered and what was a supprise Frank Schleck standing moving the wrong way. Another great day i the mountains What a way to enjoy Sunday.

  10. Stage 9 Time Trial, This was one of those days, were You have it on the Day or not! Cadel did not have it! enough to match Team Sky Dynamic Duo. It certainly was a great effort by the riders.
    Cadel starts Stage 10 in second Place, followed closely by Christoper Froome 14 seconds Behind. Denis Menchov only 1 minute and 9 seconds behind.
    The rest day full of news another rider out but this time in Jail not hospital.

  11. Watching La tour one is allowed to feast on the scenery that makes La Tour so breathtaking. These first 9 days were a feast of Scenery. It spoke to me of Gods Beauty unfolded. even the elegant displays that some of the villagers prepared wer truely a make of Gods gift to us all.
    The Sad part was most if not all of the villages had their Church. Spectacular buildings steeped in history. But Most seemed to just been buildings. No apparent Life on the Outside. and the doors closed

  12. Stage 10 The splendor of the French Alps. Nothing Like watching the Peleton swaming up the side of the Col du la Grand Colombier, A breathtaking scene.
    The Men in Dark Green who featured in a few of the Breakaways so far. This time had 2 of the Team in the Top ten at the finish, and placed Team Eurocar in tenth position. Thomas Voeckler in the Poco dot jersey and Won the Stage. An all out effort by Thomas and The old man of La Tour Jens Voigt. This win is a dramatic withdrawal of resources in a Tour lasting 21 days This is a large investment which eats into finishing well at the end. The win pleased the Locals greatly.

    Another Geat day for the Tour ists to enjoy the spectical of La Tour!

  13. Things you see along the way. Looking back to an incident at a Feed station where the BMG rider scooped up his feed bag only to have it break an fall away.
    The rider next to him, different team, simply passed his water bottle to him. The Spirit of the Tour is just this. Its a mobile Family, all suffering the same pains and joys over 21 days of riding together.

    Team Eurocar Christophe Kern. continues to feature in the breakaways.'While Thomas Vockler's huge effort in Stage 10 saw him in stage 11 at the rear of the Peloton and he finished the stage in 74th place.
    The Sky team continue to ride like guardian angels protecting Bradley Wiggins. This plan has continued to Pay off. Cadel couragous effort to leave Wiggins left Evans futher behind at the Finish . But there are still 9 stages

  14. Stage 12 Saw another bteakaway, this time saw the tactic of Team Sky controlling the Peloton. Interesting the breaaway, hovering arround 10 minutes ahead for most of the latter part of the Stage. The only drama was Matthew Goss. In the final sprint, metres to the finish. Matthew Goss's approach to being the leader in Green jersey, has cost him this time.
    David Millar effort in the last kilometres of the stage was rewarded.
    Will Team Sky Slip up? and focus too much on Cadel Evans and miss the others Vincenzo NIBALI, Jurgen VAN DEN BROECK,Tejay VAN GARDEREN or Pierre ROLLAND
    to take advantage of there lower threat level?
    So Eurocar's Pierre ROLLAND certainly could finish well this year.
    La Tour is full of unexpected turns. That along with the scenery makes it a captivating Event!

  15. To Anonymous,
    Thank you for all of your comments. If you do not mind I will copy them and post them as postings with each of the stages. I love seeing the tour through your eyes, and thoughts. Thanks for adding to the tour this year. Look forward to more.

    1. Its been a great tour and You can put my updates as Postings

  16. Stage 13. Whatyou see on France TV Coverage 2 Km from the Finish on the Closed section of the D612 Motoway on one side the Peloton, in the last 2 Kilometres to the finish, on the oposite side of the road a Cyclist complete with Backpack. Keeping the same tempo as Bradley Wiggins.
    Bastile Day sees Cadel again launch an attack on the inform Bradley this time at Sete.
    More Cyclist falling off their Bikes. Just like me, over the handlebars and André GREIPEL winning the Stage.

  17. Stage 14 What could have been a significant challenge for the lead. was lost to Cadel Evans, H is in the lead of the number of tyre changes in under 5 Kilometres. Sandy Casar again showed his form in comming 3rd in this stage. Cyril GAUTIER as well os showing his stuff.
    This stage was spoiled by the actions of a person intent on causing harm to the riders and to other Spectators Such is the Tour!
    It brings out the Bad and the Good in People. Bradley Wiggins again has showed that the spirit of the Tour over the 99 years, has not been lost. The Tour continues with an Inform Peter SAGAN heading the Green Jersey
    Frank SCHLECK is under 10 minutes from the leader and continues to show glimps of his past form. Pierre ROLLAND and Thibaut PINOT the two french riders in the top 10, are consistantly there. awaiting any upset.

  18. Stage 15. On the road to PAU, was more like a Sunday outing. With No real challanges for the lead. The only interesting feature was the number of Abandons in this stage. Even Orica Greenedge the Australian team lost a man. The Breakaway inthis stage included Thomas Voeckler who continues to take any chance to win a stage. The winner Pierrick FEDRIGO and Christian VANDE VELDE, used the straight flat roads of PAU to finish ahead of Thomas Voeckler. TEAM EUROPCAR moved up to 4th in the Team classification.

  19. Stage 16. Climbing the old man of The Tour Col du Tourmalet
    Thomas Voeckler of Team Eurocar is The king of The Mountain and Stage Leader. He worked very hard using the Skills of the a professional to loose all those who tried to Follow him.
    The Overal Yellow jersey unchanged for Bradley & Christopher Froome he really has shown amazing form in supporting Bradley. Frank SCHLECK had left the Tour.
    Cadel slips back further in the Overall. Citing Stomack issues. His courage his teams efforts impressive.
    Jens VOIGT still putting in big efforts.
    So France wins another stage in Le Tour.
    A spectacular day in the Pyrenees!

  20. Stage 17 the Clouds swirled around the Course.
    These Clouds provided Thomas Voeckler another chance to secure The King of The Mountain. Yes the cunning French Fox out did his rivals.
    Bradley Wiggins & Christopher Froome showed the team Sky plan to ride for Wiggins was certainly a strong pact . Christopher was the man of the tour once again. Alejandro Valverde Won the stage. With Thibaut PINOT and Pierre ROLLAND close behind. These will be men to watch in 2013 along with Christopher FROOME

    Cadel Evans in 6th position overall 9 Minutes 57 behind Wiggins.
    The Crowds on the Climbs swamping the riders at times in there encouragment to these Brave men

  21. Stage 18 A very fast ride to Brive-La -GAillarde 222 Kilometres. Not supprising as this was a Flat stage after the Mountains, the stage was Won at the final Kilometre, were it became a Sprinters race.
    The favourites Bradley Wiggins, Christopher Froome and Evans did change time gaps. The amazing thing was the Pace that the race was run at. With times were the Peloton was spread like a long line and other were they were in two groups.
    So In a way uneventful. But the spectators certainly had a feas, those watching the France TV coverage would have been captivated as well.

  22. Stage 19 Time trial Bradley Wiggins flew along the course, Christoper Froome. Overall Cadel Evans is almost 16 minutes behind. This has been a Tour where Wiggins and Team Sky have not been seriously challanged. French riders have won several Stages during the 3 weeks and we seen several upp and comming Tour future contenders for Yellow jersey.
    Amazing watchin Luis-Leon SANCHEZ in this stage

  23. La Tour 2013 will soon be winding its way through France.
    The events that have unfolded recently with Lance Armstrong.
    Place a interesting shaddow over the sport and the Race, Especialy in this modern era.
    What we now have heard from Lance and others is that like some other heroic feats. There is room for lies and deception.
    Lance like some others in Sport and big business. The challange and the struggle finally does not mean anything. Winning was the Goal. Cycling a medium to achieve that goal.
    In 2005 Lance spelled out his new adjenda. It was not Yellow Jerseys, but these were a way to create an sustain a Foundation with Cancer as the Cause. It would seem to be the God that Lance was wanting to be remembered as. Not Cycling or Yellow Jersey’s or the exploits that he achieved in this amazing race.
    Time has shown that even his link to this Foundation too would become damaged by the Lies.
    It is sad that in hindsight,Lance has Lost every Race. I Pray that Gods Grace will help him, Gods redemptive work includes Lance.