Friday, April 15, 2011

Intercession for Paris

Intercession for

Saturday May 28th and Monday May 30th, 2011

Operation Capitals of Europe will be praying in Paris on Saturday,  May 28 and Monday may 30th, 2011.  If you can come together and pray over Paris.  Operation Capitals of Europe's mission is to cover each capital with prayer.  Paris is their next stop.  Stop by and find out more.  At Operation Capitals Europe Prayer

These are the places where they will be praying.  So even if you can not go, We can pray over them as well.  Stop back by and we will be praying here on Praying for France as well. 

Lord, bring people to Paris to pray. Hear their voices as they lift up the people and the nation of France.  As we walk through the city we pray that the Holy Spirit will move with the freedom to change lives.  Open doors for ministries to have opportunities to share the gospel story.  We pray all these things in the name of Jesus.  Amen 

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