Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Gentle wave

A gentle wave of prayer is sweeping over the Bergerac area as people around the world feel called to cover this area in Prayer.

Pam and I and others are noticing its effect. An American missionary to France has spoken about the dark cloud of oppression which he has encountered here. But there are some glimmers of sunshine.

There are new Believers who are moving into the area and others who are feeling called to consider that possibility. All of it is an indication that God is at work.

So thank you for praying and please ask others to join the Prayer Team. We will happily send news to anyone who sends us an email address.

May Cafe Church saw the return of some who have holiday homes in the area and also some others who were with us for the very first time. The Cafe style tables were all full. Twenty five folk is a nice number but we are praying for twice that number this summer for God’s glory!

Derek spoke about being “Related to Royalty” and the privilege that we have in taking our prayers and the needs of others into the King’s presence. Under the old Jewish system only one man (the chosen High Priest) and only once a year, was allowed into the Holy Place. Now, you and I, can go into the presence of the King. Let’s remember what a privilege we have.

Please pray for the Graham Kendrick Concert. Pray for efficient team work in getting everyone in place in time. We expect between 300 and 350 which will make it one of or possibly the biggest Gospel Concert seen in Bergerac. Pray for safe travel, health and strength for all the musicians and a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. Pray that there will be rejoicing in heaven because someone comes to faith or is restored to faith.

Looking ahead to the June 26th Cafe Church which is the first in the series of nine weekly Summer Church events, there will be no lunch at Chaupine that day. Instead we are all invited to lunch at the home of Roger and Sue Cheale. There we will meet with French Christians from L’Eglise Evangelique and also see some of them being baptised.

Roger and Sue live at “La Coursonne” Rte Ste-Foy-des-Vignes 24100 Bergerac.
If you send them an email I am sure they will happily send you travel directions
We are looking forward to sending you an exciting report on the Gospel Concert.
Thank you for your prayers

Derek and Pam

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