Tuesday, May 17, 2011

With sad hearts

I am getting excited about the Tour coming in July, so I have been watching the Tour in California.  Ben Swift did a great job with his strong lead out train from Team Sky.   I am looking forward to twenty 21 days of pure racing excitement.  But, in all my excitement I became sad when I heard about Wouter Weylandt.  Keep his family and teammates in your prayers.

We pray for the family  and teammates of Wouter Weylandt.  Lord, you know exactly the day and time our lives will end and we are saddened by the end of this life.  I pray he knew you as Lord and Savior.  Lord, bring peace to his family and if they do not know you then Lord, let this be a time when they will seek you.  Please bring caring people around them at this time.  We pray all these things in the name of Jesus.

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