Friday, July 1, 2011

Tour de France de la BIBLE

Hello dear friends,
The famous French bike race is beginning tomorrow and as we do for the 5th time, we encourage local Churches to be along the roads of the race. We'll be also 2 days in the North of Italy.
It is so interesting to be in such a country, in such a place & in such a time! People are open and you can enjoy thousands of good contacts sharing your faith in simplicity; many people are thirsty and will ask easily to have the bible!!
As the doors are still open, we'll continue to share the good news and even if they could close, we'll continue by the grace of God!  Eugene
Semer for more information about Tour de France de la BIBLE!

Father, Thank you for Semer and the past 4 years of being your witness to the people at the tour. Lord, they will be going again this year. We know that you will be going with them and for this we are grateful. Open hearts, prepare them to hear the gospel message. Thank you for the local churches who will be faithful in this adventure. Bless them and keep them as they go. Provide for their needs and most of all bring salvation to many along the route this year.
We pray all of these things in the name of Jesus.

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