Sunday, January 1, 2012

Paris - Today's City

City Facts 

  • Approximately 2.2 million residence
  • In the region of Ile-de-France and in the department of Paris 
  • Capital of France 
  • Over 25 million visitors a year
  • Divided into 20 arrondissements 
  • Around 70 evangelical churches in the department of Paris
Prayer Needs of Paris

  • More Churches who will preach the gospel of Christ
  • The Parisians will believe that God is real and see their need for Him as their Savior
  • God will open doors for Christians to influence the people in their lives, through friendships
  • Strengthen the local churches and their Pastors

we thank you for the beauty of Paris and the people who make this city their home.  We ask that you will strengthen the churches and the Christians in Paris and the surrounding areas.  We pray that 2012 will be a year of spiritual growth personally and corporately for the Christians.  Lord 70 churches is not enough to reach the 2.2 million people who live in Paris. Raise up active Churches willing to tell your good news.  Lord as the visitors come allow them to hear of you in Paris.  Change heartsas you work in our lives here in Paris. We pray in the name of Jesus. 


  1. Amen - we agree in this prayer of Paris with you! We speak forth signs, wonders, miracles over the city - but most of all TRUE SALVATION EXPERIENCES that will transform the generation living there.

  2. Amen and Amen. We also agree in this prayer for Paris and her people. It would be helpful to see a list of the 70 churches and their addresses. When we visit, we attend St. Michael's just off rue St. Honore, and it is wonderful, but would love to know of other churches.
    [Also any in Normandy.]
    God bless you!

  3. Thank you for praying for France and her people. There is a website called Directory of Evangelical churches and you can find it at This site is in English and in French. You can find church by departments. I hope you find this helpful.