Sunday, November 30, 2014

O' Come  O' Come Emmanuel, God with us.

You came to be... 
born for us,
 die for us, 
 conquer death for us.

 So that we can be... 
 born anew, 
 live through you, 
waiting for you to come
 O' Emanuel. 

 O' LORD, our Father, our Redeemer,
 Today we light the first candle of Hope. We know that it is only through you that we have hope and yet we easily slip down into hopelessness as we live our daily lives. The light of Hope grows dim and we fail to look to you as our only source of Hope. Lord, this Advent season guide our eyes and our hearts back to your Hope not only for us but for France. Renew in our hearts the truth that only You are the living Hope for the people of France. O' Come O' come Emanuel be with us as our Hope.
 We pray all these things in the name of Jesus our Hope and Redeemer.

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