Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday's prayer

Dear Father,

Today, we pray for the parents of France as they teach their children about you.  Lord our hearts are broken as our children grow up learning about you, but when they are old enough they become sheep and go their own way.  So we rest on your ability as the Good Shepard who tirelessly seeks them out from the edge of the rocky cliffs of life, but yet we know they have been created to have a free will.
Father, help us to continue to pray and support each other as parents and to be faithful in our walk to show your love each and everyday as we live for you.  Father, we also pray for the parents in France that do not know you as their Father.  We pray that they will come to you and rest in you.  We pray all these things in the name of Jesus out Shepard.  Amen

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