Friday, July 15, 2016

Stage 13 Bourg-Saint-Andéol / La Caverne du Pont-d'Arc

Time trial today, but we watch with heavy hearts.  Praying for safety of all who are in the race and those watching the race.

Lord, our hearts are truly broken for the people of France today.  Lord, we pray for the families that have lost love ones yesterday.  Lord, bring peace and wisdom.  Comfort their hearts and  heal their land.  Lord give wisdom and direction to the leaders of France.  Show them how to fight against this evil so that the citizens of France can be safe and free from fear.  Lord, we pray for the salvation of France even here in  the department of ARDÈCHE (07).  We lean on you on this day.  We pray in the name of Jesus our Savior.  Amen

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