Monday, July 4, 2016

Stage 3 Granville to Angers

Pump up your bicycle tires because today we ride through 5 departments of France.  We will be leaving (50) Manche, and moving through (35) Ille-et-Villaine, (53) Mayenne, and ending our ride in (49) Maine-et-Loire.   Or by regions with leaving Normandie  pedaling through Bretagne and ending our trip in Pays-de-la-loire. 

Holy Father, Redeeming Savior, 
We humbly ask that you intercede on our behalf for the people in the north western side of France.  Lord, You know your hearts desire for this area.  You know every need and heart ache.  You know their hearts cry, so teach us to pray for these needs.  Lord, we thank you for each soul that will come to know your this week in France and we thank you for the work of the Holy Spirit in lives.  Lord, use your Church in France to be the salt and light to those around them.  Lord, we desire a change in the hearts of men and women.  We pray that they will leave their way of thinking and turn to You.  Redeem souls, cleanse hearts and transform lives today, and we humbly ask that you begin in us.  
We pray in the name of Jesus our Redeemer.  Amen. 

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