Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stage 5 Limoges to Le Lioran

The mountains are here.  I enjoy the sprinter stages most in the last 10 Km, but the mountain stages have an excitement all their own.  I enjoy the crowds at the tops of each mountain and the insane descents that have you holding your breath around every turn and then the agonizing crawl to the summit as the mind games begin.  Who has the power in the legs and in the lungs to push himself up to the top the fastest.  Who's team can keep their GC team member protected and supported furthest up the mountain to win for the day.  Mountains bring the time gaps and the yellow jersey sometimes find a new pair of shoulders to adorn.

 Father, we come to pray for the people we see on each mountain today.  Lord, when you see the crowds, you see lost souls.  You bear the sorrow as you intercede for us, share your sorrow for the lost with us today.  Lord, we desire to share in this burden.  Hear our cry for the lost, let it stir the Holy Spirit to awaken our hearts to the needs of the lost in France. Burden us Lord and let us see what you see today on each mountain top. We pray in the Holy name of Jesus.  Amen

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