Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Prayers

I come to you for prayer.  This month was planed for Encourage Yourself in the Love of God, but I have found this topic very difficult.  Yes, I know that God loves us all and He died for us.  No problem.  Its globe and I fall under that blanket of love.  The part that has been difficult is knowing that His love is more than globe it is personal.  So as I look at the Love of God it shows me how under deserving I am to receive any of His perfect love.  So I have run and struggled with each verse.  I do I pray for others to receive and accept His love, when I myself feels shame, guilt, and an overwhelming feeling of unworthiness.  I know I don't merit the Love of God because of my sin and Satan has been reminding me this fact over and over again this month.

Thank you for your prayers for France.  Please continue even when I fail.

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