Thursday, June 23, 2011

A meeting on Sunday June 26th

Cafe Church holds its next afternoon time together on Sunday June 26th.
Oh, that’s this week! Doesn’t time fly nowadays!
Maybe it has something to do with getting older.

Most of you will have heard the report on the Graham Kendrick concert but just in case, here is a recap.
Graham Kendrick thought that it gone wonderfully well. The whole team felt a sense of freedom in their presentation and we have heard of some French speakers who understood Derek’s English as well as getting the translation. So they heard the message twice! Some people had travelled from the midi Pyrenees to be present!

Over three hundred attended. The Catholic Priest called in and was thrilled by the full church and the French Bibles. There was also a report of angels in the church during the concert. We'll tell you more about that sometime.

Emails have reminded us that “the presence of the Lord was definitely there.”
“how amazing was last night” . “people were so blessed by the message and the music” . “I would like to thank you and all the team for putting on such a good concert on Friday night”. “We all thoroughly enjoyed it.”

If the concert had been in the U.K. it would have been a great event, in the darkness of France it classed as amazing, bordering on the miraculous.
Let’s again give God the Glory for what He did on that day.

Now we need your help this coming Sunday to keep up the standard of music at Cafe Church! Remember that L’Eglise Evangelique have invited us to join them for a shared lunch and it is NOT at “Chaupine” this time but at the home of Roger and Sue Cheale, “La Coursonne” Rte Ste-Foy-des-vignes 24100 BERGERAC 05 53 57 16 74, Some folk from L’Eglise are to be baptised as Believers at about midday and then there is a meal. We will then return to L’Eglise Evangelique Bergerac for Cafe Church with Tea and Cake at 5pm, the music, the interruptions! and a thought for the month about God’s Power in our lives. Be there or please “be there in prayer.”

Please also pray for Bob and Jane Pearce who are looking at the possibility of re-locating to this part of France. Bob’s sister Dee is already here.
Bob and Jane have many years of Christian ministry experience. Maybe God is calling them to be “missionaries” to the English speaking people of the Dordogne?
Pray that they will hear clearly from the Father and know the Father’s plan.

Sunday June 26th starts our ten week series of consecutive Cafe Church events. So from now on we meet EVERY Sunday until the end of August. Maybe we need extra prayer for stamina and that visitors to the area will see our publicity and be attracted to Cafe Church. Shared lunch on the FOURTH Sundays – July 24 and August 28

Come if you can, or please pray if you can’t come. Your prayers are vital in winning the current battle between light and darkness in the Dordogne.

With our thanks and our love, Derek and Pam

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