Monday, July 11, 2011

Rest Day

If you watched any of the coverage of the tour I am sure you saw all the injuries that happened.  I am sure that these riders are happy to have a rest day.  Life can be like this race and we have times that we are injured.  Injuries come in so many ways.  Disapointment, unkindness, illness, loneliness, or even overly business.  We have one who can provide the rest we need we just need to take the time to rest and spend time with Him. 
Father, we come to you because we need your rest in our lives.  When life brings injuries and weariness I pray that we come to you with our hurts and pain. Lord, thank you for bringing the rest that we need and the balm for our wounds.  I pray that we rest in you.  

Father, be with the guys in this race, so many have been injured and are no longer racing.  Lord, yesterday there were some horrible crashes.  We pray that as they race on there will be fewer and fewer crashes.  Bring healing to Alexandra Vinokourov's broken femer and David Zabriskie's wrist.  Provide healing to JurgenVan den Broeck  with Lotto, his collar bone.  Lord, Juan Antonio Flecha and Johnny Hoogerland crashed when the car hit them I pray that you will heal their cuts and bruses and spirits.  Lord, thank you for this day of rest.  We pray all these things in the name of Jesus, our healer.  Amen

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