Monday, July 11, 2011

Team Katusha

Team Katusha was here last year.  They are a team from Russia.  Yesterday their rider Pavel Brutt, new National Russian Champion,  had to leave the race, so they will be a man down.  This year they will ride with all Russian riders.  Pray for them as they ride and live.

The Team Katusha´s roster for Tour de France 2011:

Pavel Brutt (new National Russian Champion), Denis Galimzyanov, Vladimir Gusev, Mikhail Ignatyev (new National Russian ITT Champion), Vladimir Isaychev, Vladimir Karpets, Alexander Kolobnev, Egor Silin, Yuriy Trofimov. Sport Directors: Dmitriy Konychev, Gennady Mikhailov, Bart Leysen
Lord, we know that Russia now has the freedom to worship you.  We thank you for this freedom and ask that you protect this new freedom.  Be with the church in Russia and the believers their.  Provide unity as they grow and live in this freedom.  Keep them diligent in serving you.  Lord, we pray for Team Katusha and we ask that many on this team will come to know you as Lord and Savior.  Protect them as they ride and live so that they might be able to serve You.  We pray in the name of Jesus, our redeemer.  Amen

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