Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Team Lampre -ISD

Team Lampre - ISD is our first of two Italian teams.  Team Lampre -ISD has been working through some doping issues this year.  Doping has been issue for many riders.  Pray for these men to make good choices.  The temptation to enhance their ability to win is overwhelmingly strong.  Making the right choice is hard to do when you lean on your own strength.

Father God we pray for Team Lampre as they ride through this tour.  Lord, temptations ride with us each day and we need your help not to yield to them.  Be with Team Lampre as they work through the reconstructing of their team.  We pray that they will turn to you for wisdom and honor you with their lives and their choices.   We pray all these things in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

LAMPRE - ISD (LAM) - Sporting Manager : MAINI Orlando
161 CUNEGO Damiano
162 BERTAGNOLLI Leonardo
163 BOLE Grega
164 BONO Matteo
165 HONDO Danilo
166 KOSTYUK Denys
167 LOOSLI David
168 MALORI Adriano
169 PETACCHI Alessandro

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