Sunday, July 1, 2012

Étape 1 Liège > Seraing (198 km)

Liège has a long history, starting as a village protected by the hills to the north and with the provisions of the rivers.  Today Tour de France de la Bible will continue to share the Living Water in Belgium.  Today they will be :
·         Avec La Pastorale Liégeoise
RDV Rue Roi Albert 12 Ougree 4102 le dimanche à 8h30
Soirées avec Gospel Vision et le camion podium
RDV ce dimanche matin à 8h30 devant l’église.

Jesus, we humbly pray that as these churches minister today with Tour de France de la Bible here at stage 1 of the race we pray for blessing on these churches.  We pray that you will use them in a mighty way to reach the people of these two cities and many of their visitor today.  Holy Spirit have freedom among hearts as the gospel is spoken.  Jesus we pray that you are glorified.  We pray in your precious and Holy Name.  Amen. 

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