Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Team AG2R-La Mondiale

Today we watch AG2R-La Mondiale rider, Sebastien Minard,  in the break away for most of the day.  The French tried hard today to come in first, but Super Sagan made his name known once more.  AG2R - La Mondiale began in 1992 and was named Chazal, but by 1997 AG2R was part of the name.  This team is made up of French, and other European nations along with one Irish man, Nicolas Roche.  They have had 18 wins this year.  

Father we are humbled with the task of praying through the tour.  We thank you for hearing our prayers.  Lord, you know each man on AG2R-La Mondiale, and their families.  We lean on your knowledge today as we pray.  We ask for you to work in their lives.  We pray for healing for those who need the touch of your hand.  We ask for comfort for those who are sad.  We thank you for mending what is broken in their lives, and we ask that you will bring joy and happiness to their families as they learn more about You.  Lord, we pray for all these things in the name of Jesus.  Amen.  

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