Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Orica Green EDGE

Orica GreenEDGE
101. Simon Gerrans
102. Michael Albasini
103. Luke Durbridge
104. Daryl Impey
105. Michael Matthews
106. Svein Tuft
107. Pieter Weening
108. Adam Yates
109. Simon Yates

Orica GreenEdge  comes from Australia, and over the last two days they have lost two of their team members.  Their hopes for their GC rider Simon Gerrans have been broken, but these opportunities open the doors for the younger riders to shine with their skills on the bike.  Let us pray for Orica GreenEdge today. 

Lord, we trust you in all things.  We trust you to encourage these riders to face today and with all the challenges the next 3 weeks will bring.  Lord, Thank you for caring about our individual hopes and dreams.  Thank you for caring about our relationships with you and with other people.  Lord, help this team maintain good relationships throughout the tour as they lay down their own dreams and race for the team.  We pray for their team managers and directors as they lead their team to Paris.  We pray all these things in name of Jesus. Amen. 

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