Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Stage 4 Seraing / Cambrai

Today we enter France.  We will be coming into the department Nord (59)

Today will be filled with cobbles, ruts, and possibly more crashes, so pray for a safe race today.  

Pray for the people of this department as they live their lives surrounded by the reminders of the past.  Pray that their faith in the Father will grow as they see the Father working in their lives.  Pray that hearts will  be open and soften to the word of God and that they will be grounded in His promises written in scripture. 

we pray for the people of France but also for the people in this area of France.  Lord, we know that you love each one and you have provided salvation for all.  We pray that hearts will be opened to hear about your promises of abundant life through your Son, Jesus Christ.  Lord, let the Words of scripture land on many soft hearts, ready to receive  your message.  Lord, break down any walls we build so that your Word can be spoken today. Lord we pray for open and ready hearts in Nord, department 59.  
We pray all these things in the name of Jesus,

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