Thursday, December 15, 2016

learning to fear not

Every year at Christmas time I have a hard time enjoying the season, and so these past few days I have been asking myself why.  So what is it about Christmas that I do not enjoy, and I have come to realize that I have the fear of not making Christmas perfect for everyone around me.  The fear the presents are not what they would like or the feeling that the food will not turn out right or be fancy enough, or the atmosphere festive enough. I don't like Christmas, because it will not be perfect and it will be my fault.
So I have come to realize that the Grinch of perfection has stolen all the Joy of the season. Instead of enjoyment, I feel dread and fear.

Fear not, I have come to bring you good tidings.

The Good tidings for me this Christmas has been,
Robin, fear not because Christmas is not about how perfect you make the day, but how perfectly Christ came to the world without sin, without spot or blemish.  He is the only perfection, because down here on this earth everything is marred.  No matter how hard I try, the perfect Christmas gift has already been given, and the perfect lamb has already come, and the perfect Christmas day has already happened, so my job is to fear not, be joyful as I remember perfection came as a baby  long ago and so it is not my job to make any day perfect.
Fear not, Enjoy, what God has already done and will continue to do in our lives.

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