Saturday, January 28, 2017


Cycling the Trans-Ardennes Bike Path

The Ardennes is know in the cycling world for being the place to come with classic races.  The paths cut through the historically know forest lined with people watching the riders as they race to the finish.  

Pray for the Ardennes Department as people come to ride that as they cycle down the path they will look not only at the beauty of  God's creation but also at their relationship with the Jesus.  Pray that the body of Christ will have opportunity to share Christ as the Way the Truth and the Life.

Thank you Father for the Ardennes and all the people that come to ride and all those that live in this department.  Lord we pray that the people of the Ardennes will come to trust you as their Savior and live in your Way and the Word as a light to their path.  Thank you Father for being the light in the Ardennes. We pray in the name of Jesus the Way the Truth and the Life.  Amen. 

Stop by the cycling site above to find a path through the forest and take a ride through the Ardennes.

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