Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week one of the Tour

Time for the Tour once more on Praying

for France.  This year due to occupational interference I will only post once a week and if time allows maybe a few more.  So, Thank you for stopping by to pray for France.  I hope you enjoy the Tour.

Pray for safety for the riders, because the wet conditions yesterday already caused injuries and broken dreams. pray for Healing. 

Thank you for praying for France at this time.

This week let us pray for:
Safety for the Riders
Salvation for the people along the road,  pray that they will hear and willingly receive the good news of the gospel.
The churches in the areas to be strengthened and encouraged
The working of the Holy Spirit in homes to restore broken lives
The freedom of the Word of God to change Lives
GOD's will be done in the lives we see this week.

Enjoy the Tour

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