Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Étape 10 Aurillac to Carmaux

 The Tour will ride through the city of Figeac and there you will find l'Eglise Protestante Evangélique de Figeac faithfully serving our Lord.  Remember them today as we pray.  We will be moving from the Auvergne region to Midi-Pyrénées region as we move our way to the Pyrénées. Today the sprinters will enjoy one more finish line before the mountain climbers have their glory.  Enjoy the beauty, excitement and the presence of God today as you pray.

Our Lord, we come before you humbled by who you are.  We see you working in France and in the hearts of people and we are thankful for all that you are doing.  Lord, today as we ride through Figeac I pray that l'Eglise Protestante Evangélique de Figeac  will know that they are being prayed over.  We thank you for their love for the Word of God.  They make it priority in their church and we bless them for this. Lord, encourage them for all they do.  Be with their pastor and his family.  Let them all grow in the knowledge of you and in your grace.  Help them to build relationships with families and friends so that they can share the good news and your love.  We pray all these things in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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