Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rest Day in Mâcon

Mâcon is found in  Burgundy.  Today will be a day of rest, healing and regrouping.  Yesterday changed the tour for many teams.  There is a new order for the GC race.  This year the time trials have widened the time gaps between riders.  In the tour it is hard to make up a minute or two on your opponent, but any thing can happen in the tour. 
 Tour Standings as of today

1.WIGGINS B.SKY39h 09' 20''
2.EVANS C.BMC 01' 53''
3.FROOME C.SKY 02' 07''
4.NIBALI V.LIQ 02' 23''
5.MENCHOV D.KAT 03' 02''
6.ZUBELDIA H.RNT 03' 19''
7.MONFORT M.RNT 04' 23''

In the next few days up in the Alps it will be interesting to see what might happen.  New names and faces are coming to the top. 
Lord, thank you for teaching us to rest.  When you created this world you rested after six days of creating.  Lord, we tend to forget to rest.  Help us to live after your example not only in rest but in action.  Lord, we pray for the people of Mâcon here in Burgundy.  Let them see understand and grow in their knowledge and faith in You, as Savior and Lord.  We pray all these things in the name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen. 

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