Thursday, September 9, 2010


A message from 24/7 Prayer - Prière Narbonne!

A group of 14 people have committed themselves to praying continually for the city of Narbonne and for France this week.

We are just a small group but we have a very big God and are excited to see what He will do with this time, in our own lives, our church, the city and the nation of France.

We are going to take it in turns to prayer walk through the city, both day and night and will be praying for these specific issues:

- For the authorities in the city, that decisions are made with wisdom, justice and compassion and that righteous men and women who are not corruptible by power or money are placed in positions of authority.

- We will walk past the schools and the hospitals praying for the young people and for the sick. For issues of finances, justice and equality that faces these institutions daily.

- We pray for the other churches in the city, for unity between the different denominations and for opportunities to pray together in the future.

- We will walk through the streets with our eyes open, listen to Gods voice and letting him break our hearts with compassion for the many homeless people here. We will pray for wisdom to know how to act.

- We will think about the history of this country, for all the blood spilt in the name of God. We ask for forgiveness and pray that we are able to shine light lights in the darkness, addressing the misconceptions that people have about God.

As the French people are petitioning their government about pensions and the retirement age we will be lifting our Prayers Petitions and Thanksgiving to our God and asking for his love to explode across this city, cutting though the veneer of prosperity to reach the people who need him most.

As with all of the countries we have been praying for over the last few months, the issues are enormous. We feel called to do what we can, each within our own community. To model a new way of doing things, praying that His Kingdom come and His will be done so that we can see a little bit of heaven here on earth.

That could sound quite fluffy and nice but we are being challenged to dedicate ourselves to purity & holiness, to humble our hearts completely, surrendering our lives to His will so that He can use us like tools in His tool box as we pray and act in His authority.

Please pray about joining them and click here to see who is praying and sign up!

In Christ,
David Broussard

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