Sunday, July 3, 2011

Étape 2 Team Time Trials

Les Essarts > Les Essarts

Today is the day the teams show themselves as one.  They must work together through the whole tour but today they must be as one.  When ever I think about the tour I think about the Church.  We to are a team that must work together to help each other run the race.  It is our support for each other that allows us to stay faithful. 

The city of Les Essarts is familiar with speed because they enjoy auto racing in this area of France.

Lord, thank you for Les Essarts.  We thank you for this city and we pray that as they enjoy the team time trials they will take the time to enjoy You.  Lord, I pray that you will open hearts to hear your message of Your love for the people of Les Essarts.  Bring believers to this city so that the Good News can be shared.  We pray for salvation to come to the city of Les Essarts.

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