Sunday, July 3, 2011

Team Astana

Pro Team Astana Roster:
Alexandre Vinokourov
Remy Di Gregorio
Dmitriy Fofonov
Andriy Grivko
Maxim Iglinskiy
Roman Kreuziger
Paolo Tiralongo
Tomas Vaitkus
Andrey Zeits

Team Astana is a team from Kazakhstan.  There team leader is Alexander Vinokourov from Kazakhstan.  This will be his last tour.  When you pray for Astana remember to pray for the country of Kazakhstan and for the believers in that nation.  Pray for their freedom to worship  and the effectiveness of their witness. has an article about the restrictions that are happening against the churches in Kazakhstan. 

we thank you for this honor to bow before you on the behalf of the believers in Kazakhstan.  We pray that they will have the freedom to worship you each day.  Lord, provide for them places to meet in public.  Thank you for each pastor and their families.  Protect them as they serve you.  Open hearts to hear the message of grace they will bring to the people in their communities.  We pray for the growth and witness of each believer.  We look forward to watching team Astana compete in the tour and we pray that as they are in France they will hear about You.  Bring people around this team who know you and are willing to share their personal faith with each team member. 
We pray all these things in the name of Jesus, our Lord. 

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