Thursday, July 7, 2011

Étape 6 Dinan to Lisieux

Today and tomorrow will be sprint finishes.  We leave the medieval city of Dinan located in Brittany and travel to Lisieux in the region of Normandy. Dinan is a small port city along the river.  Today you are able to see much of the original city.  It looks very royal. At the finish line in Lisieux we find the Basilica of St.Thérèse.  Over two million visitors come each year on a pilgrimage looking for favor from God.

Lord, we pray as the millions pilgrimage to Lisieux looking for your favor I pray the find that you are waiting for them to come into a personal relationship, knowing you as their Lord and Savior.  Lord, thank you for the salvation that Jesus has provided us on the cross.  Lord, many are seeking but do the see the salvation you have provided through grace and mercy.  Do they except your love and assurance of their justification through the righteousness of Christ.  We pray that they will see and believe.  We pray in the name of Jesus our Savior.  Amen

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